JockeyBoys feat. Nance - Higher

(Nance of Twenty 4 Seven)

Maxxima - No More Chances

20 Fingers - Fuck Song

DJ Maxx Fiesta feat. Tony T - 

Feel It In My Heart (ex R.I.O.)

Shilton - Flame 2013

Mack - Dreams Girl

Krassimir Avramov - Loving You

Flash Point - Answer My Call 

(eurodance project)

Ranny feat. Jipsta - Body Pop

(american house dj)

Deep System - I Need You

(deep house project)

Jus-Hu - I Miss U

(Hula of The Outhere Brothers)

Hype Blast - Tonight

Allan Jay - Work Ya Love

Lightwarrior - Ooh Yes !

(Shamrock of T-Spoon)

Real System - There Is No More Love

Michael Fall - Body On Fire

Shilton - Hold You

E.V.O. - Revolution

Randy Norton Production

Unlimited Friends - Secret Love

(euro house project)

Soundstream - Reach A Star

(hands up euro project)

Dirty Ztylerz feat. Stay-C - Can You Feel It 

(Stay-C of Twenty 4 Seven)

Unlimited Friends - 90's Never End

Chrizz Morisson - Balando

B.G. The Prince Of Rap - Megamix

Mack - Sweet Dreams

TTOO - Be Free

Jockeyboys ft.Matthias Kadar - Adieu

Lane McCray - Heartbeat

(LA BOUCHE lead singer)

DJ Blaine feat. Lane McCray - Pump It

(LA BOUCHE lead singer)

The New Bisquits Project - Mari Mariiko

(ethno house project)

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